Meet Our Pastor

Reach Out And Touch Ministries, Inc. is a Christ centered Word founded, scripturally sound, faith
based, full Gospel church, where the move of God is experienced through the manifestation of
the Fivefold Ministry Gifts and Anointing’s, and the flow of the Gifts of The Spirit, as The Holy
Ghost operates and administrates. By the Grace of God and for His Glory, it is a church where
Jesus is high and lifted up as our Lord and Savior, and King; where the Holy Bible is exalted as
the One and Only Word of God, the One and Only Divinely Inspired scriptures there is, and
the One and Only Source and Standard of Truth whereby men must live to please The Father;
and where The Holy Ghost, our Comforter, rests, rules, abides, reigns, presides, and resides
Sovereign and Supreme to fulfill The Father’s good pleasure.

The Evangelist John D. and Prophetess Carol S. Warr are the Pastors and The Lord God’s
Organizers, Overseer’s, and Visionaries of Reach Out And Touch Ministries, Inc. which was
started by the Grace and Divine Ordination of God the Lord on December 31, 1995. And against
all odds this couple of faith embraced the mantle, and obeyed the Mandate of the Lord on
their lives, embarking on destiny to fulfill the Call of God. This man and this woman of God are
great people of sacrifice and self-denial, surrendering all to please God and to do His Will. The
evidence of this is clearly seen in the beginnings of the ministry; they held services in their living
room for four years and eight months. This ministry reaches out to souls that are in desperate
need of Jesus Christ. The ministry’s vision is to see those oppressed set free, and those who are
bound receive spiritual restoration and walking in the Liberty of Christ.

The Pastors John D. and Carol S. Warr, challenge God’s precious people to obey God’s Word,
be led and controlled by The Holy Spirit, inquire first of God in all things, have Faith in God,
embrace their Purpose and Destiny in God, bear the Fruit of The Spirit, walk in the fullness of
The Kingdom of God within them, live lives that are Holy unto The Lord, fight the Good Fight
of Faith, do all things Decent and in Order, bind and rebuke the devil, and whatever they do
whether in word or deed, do all in The Name of Jesus.

Reach Out And Touch Ministries Inc. minister to the needs of people through: Street Meetings,
Revivals, Conferences, Cable Stations, Cassette Tapes, Videos, Plays, Mime Presentations,
Newsletters, Evangelical, Bible Study, Tutorial Services, Counseling and Referral Services.